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Tap Box
Tap Box is an iPhone game I designed, created and published during the first half of 2009. I made extensive use of the OpenGL ES and the OpenAL libraries on the iPhone for this game. I used an object oriented design to leverage the capabilities of Objective-C and the Cocoa API as needed.
wpSnow is a simple app I built to learn Objective-C and the Cocoa API on the iPhone. I found the edges in the loaded image using the Canny edge detection algorithm. I took advantage of the accelerometer and the edge data I calculated to create the snow's movement, and handle collision detection.
For our final project in the Technology of Representation class at Georgia Tech we were asked to build a system to represent a person. For this I built a Flash document that loaded and parsed multiple XML file in order to create a relationship map based on the data in the files. I also coded the Flash file to allow for intuitive navigation of the relationship map. This was all done using ActionScript 2.
For the last month and a half of the Software Practicum class at Georgia Tech I created a multiplayer, networked space trading and fighting game in a four person group. The project was done in Java, and SWATLP is the fruit of our labor.
OpenGL Voronoi Diagrams
This is a project I did for the Computer Graphics class at Georgia Tech. The program uses cone shaped triangle meshes to create Voronoi diagrams with either arbitrary coloring or coloring based on an imported photo.
OpenGL Texture Demo
This is another OpenGL project I did for the Computer Graphics class at Georgia Tech. This program loads a triangle mesh, a spherical environment map, a 3-d texture and a tilable texure. The program allows the user to switch between the textures and allows for easy rotation of the model.
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