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Tap Box
Tap Box is an iPhone game I designed, created and published during the first half of 2009. I started by building multiple prototypes of my concept with Illustrator and Flash. Throughout development of the game I continued to refine the design based on my own play testing, and the play testing of others.
wpSnow is a simple app I built to get the hang of creating apps for the iPhone. It allows the user to load a photo they have taken with their phone, and turns the iPhone into an interactive snow globe. I wanted to make something that took advantage of multiple aspects of the hardware. I also wanted something with a playful feel and short interaction sessions.
For our final project in the Technology of Representation class at Georgia Tech we were asked to build a system to represent a person. The system we created, Avatar, allows the user to navigate series of connections that represent a person in order to better understand that person. Avatar is not merely limited to representing people.
Mario Kart 64 Experience Map
This is a group project I worked on in a Visual Design class at Georgia Tech. The idea was to take anything that we have experienced and map both the tangible and intangible aspects of it in a clear and easy to understand way. Our group used the Yoshi's Valley stage in Mario Kart 64.
Mr. Potato Head Creator
This is another group project I worked on in the Visual Design class at Georgia Tech. We were required to build and avatar creation system with an interesting twist. Our twist was the juxtaposition of Mr. Potato Head, a toy we all played with as kids, and adult themed parts.
Green Emission
The goal of this short assignment was to create an informational product that could possibly help reduce people's negative impact on the environment. After fumbling around during the early part of the project we finally decided to create a virtual car dealership in Flash. Our group could have used a little more time on the project however I like the overall design of the Flash document we created.
Random Floor Elevator
Random Floor Elevator was a two person design project I completed in an Interaction Design course at Georgia Tech. We were asked to change one aspect of a product in order to create a completely new way of experiencing the product on an individual and social level. We then had to sell our idea to the class.
Hour Glass
This is a program I built for an early Computation Media class I took at Georgia Tech. I needed to create a simple program in which the user could mindlessly sketch or doodle, much like one sketches on note paper while in a class or on the phone. Hour Glass is an attempt at creating a digital experience much like the ones mentioned while providing something extra that only a digital medium will allow.
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