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I was part of a 3 person team that created this short film over 2 months for the Digital Video Special Effects course at Georgia Tech. I held an Integral in all parts of the project, except for the modeling and animation. Prior to using 3d models for the rackets we tried a few different techniques to shoot the film with physical rackets.
Lunch Caper
For this project we were asked to create an interactive video-based narrative. Our group decided to draw on film noir conventions while placing the viewer in the role of the detective. Out of 9 possible security tapes the viewer only receives 4 randomly each time. This withholding of plot information was to create a sense of frustration paralleling that of a typical film noir detective while creating replay value.
Random Floor Promo
Random Floor Elevator was a two person design project I completed in an Interaction Design course at Georgia Tech. We were asked to change one aspect of a product in order to create a completely new way of experience. As part of the project we produced a video to promote the usefulness of our product to the class.
Tap Box Promo
Tap Box is an iPhone game I designed, created and published during the first half of 2009. In order to help promote the game I created a short video to show off the fun game play and the various blocks encountered in the game.
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